Meet the Coven

Welcome to The Crafter’s Cauldron!

** We offer a large variety of crafty things from crochet patterns and step-by-step tutorials to digital stickers and emote packs. Follow us on social media to keep up with our current projects and adventures!

You never know what our cauldron is brewing next…

The Crafter’s of The Cauldron

Cailey Winstead

Owner / Head Witch

  • Personality : books, cats, and coffee
  • Likes to make difficult shit
  • Will delay all projects to finish one
  • Always does it wrong the first time

Celeste Whitlow

Owner / The Crone

  • Personality: can do all the crafty things
  • Likes to make cute shit
  • Will sacrifice one project to finish another
  • Always has a 10,000 projects going

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