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Free Pattern: Crochet Tarot Case & Reading Mat


Color A – Sugarwheel Cotton – Endless Sea

Color B – Sugarwheel Cotton – Pacific

Color C – Sugarwheel Cotton – Overcast

Hook Size F/5 -3.75mm Hook

Gauge None

Extras Needle, scissors

Waistcoat Stitch

The waistcoat stitch is what creates a great, dense fabric for this project.

A waistcoat stitch is worked identically to a single crochet, except you go through the post of the next single crochet, under the horizontal bar and between the legs. 

For more information on how to do this stitch, please see the complete video guide for this pattern on youtube.


Video and photos use the color Ice Blue instead of Pacific, but I feel like Pacific would be a better choice for this piece. 

The reading mat is worked with the Catherine’s Wheel stitch. 

This bag fits a standard deck of tarot cards. For larger decks, add stitches in multiples of 6 to maintain the gingham and Catherine’s Wheel patterns.