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Free Pattern: Crochet Wine Bottle Gift Bag Pattern

These water bottle holders use the waistcoat stitch to create a dense fabric.

10 page pattern with progress photos, 6 unique charts, and two sizes!

9″ Body fits tall, thin bottles and 7″ body is perfect for libby glasses!

First PDF contains patterns for both sizes, second PDF contains large versions of each chart.

Pattern includes six unique charts:
– Super Mario Mushroom
– Mushrooms
– Moon and Star
– Pentagram
– Potion Bottle
– Star

**Waistcoat Stitch
The waistcoat stitch is what creates a great, dense fabric for this project.

A waistcoat stitch is worked identically to a single crochet, except you go through the post of the next single crochet, under the horizontal bar and between the legs.

We will use a waistcoat stitch for the colorworked chart portions of the piece and for the base.

**Basketweave Stitch
For the basketweave stitch for the main fabric of this progress, we will repeat a pattern of front and back post half double crochets for three rows, then swap.

So we will work four fphdc, then four bphdc around for three rows. Then, four bphdc followed by four fphdc for three more rows.

Yarn Recommended: Sugarwheel Cotton
Hook Size: F/3.75MM